Ftm and college tips? Don’t know where to post

I’ve been going to college on and off but I’m recently pregnant... I really want to go back to school but I’m a ftm. I just submitted fafsa and I’m excited to get help because it was a pain getting money for college before... but I’m so scared it will be hard for me to go now with baby

Any tips? Should I do full time online classes or part time (1-2 classes) classes?

For background: Dad doesn’t work he already has his degree but he works based off of commission and is mainly at home so he can babysit and grandma is a block away.

My baby is due in May 14th and Summer classes start June 17th would that give me time to adjust?

I’m really good in school when I was taking 2 classes every semester I would get As no problem just want to get back at it for my child’s future and for my enjoyment.

Should I start with summer semester?

I would be taking 1 class max for summer and then 2 classes max on campus and then full time if I do online.