You guys look so pretty 😨

Nicole • Wife, and mother to a beautiful baby boy 💙💙 3.2.19

Idk how some of you women look so gorgeous during your pregnancy. I feel like shit CONSTANTLY!. And I actually look like it. Luckily i haven’t had a break out since the first month of this pregnancy but my skin is so dry. Im so lazy. And im so exhausted (like I literally do not sleep anymore 😭) ive gained 18lbs in 30 weeks and my back is in constant pain 🔥.

I really don’t know how you mommas look so damn pretty. I see these pictures & bumps and i cant even look in my pictures to find a decent one to post because im afraid of my camera 😂😂.

Lord i praise all if you for finding ur way through this time because its like ive been stuck in the bird box for the last 30 weeks 🥺🥺