It's so hard not to announce πŸ˜”

With my first , I announced it to my family the same day I found out I was pregnant , my husbands family found out like a month later or so. This time my husband doesn't want me to tell my family and it's hard because i'm so close to my mother πŸ˜• he told me today that if he finds out I told my mom he's going to be mad at me . I didn't understand why until he said " I don't want your family to know and for mine not to " I understand he wants to be fair but he wants to wait until around Christmas (he says by that time we will know the gender) I totally respect him and everything but its just hard, have any of you ladies had to wait to announce as well ? How was it ? The only thing is Idk if I can hide it much longer I heard with your 2nd kid you belly grows bigger and also my MIL already asked me last week if I was pregnant because I looked like if I was I had to lie and say no and I hate lying, this belly isn't gonna stay small for much !Β