Men are assholes

Tired of my man not giving a shit 
I do so much for him , 9 months pregnant with your child and all I ask is a back rub once In a while and I huff and puff and say fine like " God I wish this woman would leave me alone " attitude FUCK YOU 
At the hospital cause I'm in pain and just want some care and attention it's sad that I have to come to the hospital to get it !! He's at home I left and he knows I left , doesn't know where I went cause I didn't tell him and it's been 45 min and he still hasn't called or texted to see where I am and if I'm ok or say come home baby I'm sorry .. Nothing😕
This is not the 1st time more like the 100th 
Every time I ask him for something back rub , putting lotion on my feet he does the same sigh* or huff and puff  and says With an attitude I guess ! Or YUP!
and then he gets mad when I say forget it and I tell him I don't need his attitude  and he claims he don't have an attitude and then had the nerve to say I have an attitude ! 😡😡😡