How to talk to my mom

Okay, to start off I am currently 17 years of age and I'm just starting off as a freshman in college. As most of you know, this is when hormones are raging, and well, I'm sure you can guess my issue there. I have already discussed birth control with my mom, and I wasn't "beating around the bush" making it to where I was completely honest for my reasons of wanting the birth control. Though I have no planned on having sex anytime soon (3 months soon) I know there's a strong possibility this is something I'm feeling ready for, mature enough to handle and so far I've done a wonderful job at maintaining my virginity until /I/ feel ready.
But here's my delimma, I won't be 18 for another year and my mom's response was "next summer we will talk more about it", but, I personally feel it's most necessary to obtain it more-so by decemeber. Do any of you have any advice at all to what I can say or do to convince her of talking more about it then? 
Thank you!