What to put baby to sleep in?


What do you have your baby sleep in at night? I was told to keep his room between 67 and 69 degrees and not make it too hot because that can create problems with SIDS. I had him sleeping in a Halo sleepsack swaddle her with the swaddle around his midsection with his arms out. It was working great because it kept his bottom half warm and warmth around his chest. However he's a super long so he's already outgrown the small and medium in length. the trouble I'm having is that the large doesn't come with the wraparound swaddle option, and the large is extremely big on him so I'm worried if I put him in it it'll end up around his neck and face.

I've tried a zipadeezip but those are so high necked and he's got such a chubby chin that it seems really uncomfortable. I'm looking for some sort of alternative sleep sack for him to wear that is a better size he's a little under 14 lb but he's over 25 in Long which is why he doesn't fit in the medium swaddle sleepsack anymore

I usually have him in a short-sleeve onesie underneath a footed fleece zip-up. The top of his body is always warm but his legs are chili and so are his feet. I put socks on his feet but his feet to stand up sweating and then getting cold so it's like a clammy feeling when I change him.

Any suggestions? What do you usually have your baby sleep in?