He came from watching me cum 😍😍


After over a week of not seeing each other and 2 days together with no privacy ie no sex, my SO and I finally had the house to ourselves this morning!

After eating me out, he had me on my back and was fucking me pretty good. He started to rub my clit while still thrusting into me and I knew he was gonna make me cum again.

I was moaning and squirming and let out a β€œYoure gonna make me cum!” and shortly after I start to orgasm I hear him go β€œOh fuck” and he pulled out and came right away!

Now he’s basically never ~early~ lmao but he felt a bit bad and was like β€œYa know, its been a few days....” lol but I thought it was so sweet and cute that watching me cum made him cum instantly 😍 It made me feel really sexy and idk I just love this boy and that put me in a really good mood even though the sex was cut a little short haha!