Leading me on or no?


So me and my ex boyfriend broke up. He told me he’s trying not to lead me on or telling me to wait but for the time being he doesn’t want to be with anyone. He’s got a lot of stuff going on and is trying to keep his stress at a minimal level. I want nothing more than to fix things. So I’ve been giving him the space he wants and telling him I’ll be there if he needs me. Well randomly he’ll text me. And anytime he texts me he’ll always tell me he’s still where he was and we could maybe try again after all this stuff is over. But we’ll just talk about random things such as work school and everything. Anytime I talk to someone about it they tell me he’s leading me on and keeping me right there as a back up.

In the time we’ve not been together I’ve learned how to be happy without him and love myself and be comfortable in my own skin. So I know I can do all these things without him and I in no way am holding out hope that we’ll get back together. and I keep living my life as I have been since we’ve been broken up.

I’m just wondering if anyone else thinks he’s leading me on or just trying to keep me as a backup?