Maybe I can’t get pregnant 🤰??

I’m 23 and feel like maybe I can’t have babies 👶 So me and my husband already have a 3 year old baby but we want to try for another one but it feels to me maybe I can’t get pregnant 😭 again .. with my daughter I got pregnant so fast now I feel I can’t get pregnant every time we have intercourse he will finish in me and I still haven’t got pregnant 😯 .. I had one miscarriage last year in June I was 5 weeks along when I got pregnant in June we weren’t trying just recently we started to try it’s been about 3 months and nothing yet would being on birth control with the depo implant effect me why I can’t get pregnant?? I only was on the depo for 3 months Last year I got off and got pregnant in June and had the miscarriage could this be why I can’t get pregnant now ???