Did my menstrual cup break my hymen?

Warning: TMI included.
So, as the title says, I believe my LENA cup may have broken my hymen. I'm 19, a virgin, and ordered a size large for my heavy flow due to endometriosis. When I got the cup out of its beautiful packaging (kudos to LENA), I thought maybe I had been sent a size small instead, didn't seem too big. After properly cleansing it, I decided to try different folds, techniques, etc. that I had read about prior to purchase. From my very first fold (c-fold) and insertion, I experienced pain. I got the cup properly inside, stood up, and felt severe cramping. This scared me. I sat down, got in an okay position, and begun to shimmy the cup out; that cup was so far up my vagina (I don't think I've had anything like that up so far) and it was IN THERE. Difficult to get out. When I finally did, I saw blood and mucus kinda mixed together. Thicker than normal mucus. It was also painful. I've always used super+ tampons, but I don't think those even compared in size to the cup. I know a hymen shouldn't mean anything, but I'm engaged (we're both Christians) and in a weird way, I feel like maybe the authenticity of sharing that experience with my fiancé would be fraudulent. I'm in shock, kinda. In shock that it was that simple to break (still want confirmation), and that I feel like I do about losing it, if that's the case.