Debating on baby shower or No baby shower?


So the cost for the baby shower is coming at around $2000 (the most cheapest to find). I find it silly, to spend that crazy amt on a shower, and to possibly receive less than that in exchange. So I’m wondering do you guys think a baby shower is or is not worth it?

Update* I would love to do a baby shower just because it would be a nice memory and I’d love to spend the time w family members. The problem is (I come from huge family) and I can’t forget my boyfriends family. Idk I’m just stressed out. Lol

*I ended up doing the baby shower on March 3rd. It actually turned out pretty well. Received about $3000 in gifts so an extra $1000 than we spent. I say we got lucky! But thanks guys! I do have the beautiful pics for memory! I’m glad I went with doing it, but it was a lot of money 🤦🏽‍♀️😂❤️

Gave birth on the 23rd of March! I appreciate all you ladies! And check this out if y’all have the same issue or doubts I did!