Vent 🤬

Nicole • Mama to Matilda

I had my second round of bloodwork done Friday afternoon, knowing I’d have to wait allll weekend to hear the results today (Of course I’m curious as to how my hcg levels are rising). I waited patiently until 3:30 today when I couldn’t take it anymore, called the office, and left a message on the nurse’s line asking for my results in a call back. An hour later, I’m thinking how they close at 5 so I said F it and called back, this time hitting 0 for the receptionist. She tells me the bloodwork nurse has gone home for the day 😩 which means no one attempted to get a hold of me at all. I work in a building where I can’t have my cell phone, and I’ve told them before that I can’t get calls until I’m out at 3, so I asked if the nurse would be able to call me at 3 tomorrow, and she said, “It really depends on who’s in.” 🤬☹️ I am seriously hating this office. I have an appt scheduled with a midwife at a completely different practice this Thursday, but I kept my first 2 appointments with my OBGYN simply to be seen faster. Causing me more stress!!