Continuous fishy odor

I have 1 sexual partner as I am his only one partner.

No active stds, same for him. (We do both have genital herpes)

No yeast infections. No true reason to believe I have BV either.

No harsh body washes/soaps etc

** i did recently (2-3 months ago) start a new , more scented laundry detergent**

I take vitamins & a vaginal probiotic that I started just because of this issue.

What would be the cause of this?!

Sidenote: Us women need to protest & advocate for the pharmaceutical companies to make Diflucan and Metronidazole (the pill) OTC. This is a scam and robbery of us by making us pay a copay (25+ (mine is $40)) just to be prescribed a $4 pill (actually free because of insurance). Most of us know that the otc yeast infection creams rarely work or some of us are allergic to it. But for BV you always have to see the doctor. Smh