Baby Coming Thursday at 34 Wks UPDATE - HES HERE ALREADY

K • 26. #1 👧🏻 11/2014 & #2 👶🏻 1/2019. Wife to HS Sweetheart. Lawyer. 15 Yrs PCOS. Keto.

Scheduled C section for this Thursday 1/17 due to Preeclampsia. I’ll be 34wks.

Been admitted to hospital bed rest since 1/2/19 and can’t wait to get out of here. But so nervous for an early baby.

I had my 1st at 35wks6days due to preeclampsia as well and this one will be 2wks earlier.

Hope all goes well with my baby this Thursday and that he is healthy and has a short NICU stay. Getting nervous!

UPDATE: Tuesday morning woke up to severe headache, swollen feet, nausea, and increased BP. Doc decided to deliver baby that same night. At 7:37PM on 1/15/19 my little boy was born at 33wks5days weighing 4lbs 10oz & 17.5in long.

He ia currently in NICU and doing well. Just needs to learn to breath in his own a liiitle better and feed. We’ve been told to expect a 1.5 to 2 wk stay.

Feel so blessed and so much in love 😍