Eating habits


I’m going to be trying out the carnivore diet starting February 1st anyone every done it? I plan on keeping updates on here to let you girls know how it’s going.

I don’t know how much of you think that your gut basically effects you emotionally and physically. What you eat is very important. Eating just meat will clean out your gut. Not only that this article I’ve been reading about this man that’s being eating this way for 12 years it’s like completely reset his brain. It helps seizures ( which I have) helps with anxiety, depression and PTSD all kinds of stuff not only can it help you loose weight but it helps you emotionally too. I’m very interested how it’s going to work out for me. Also eating lots of meats is good for people such certain blood types like O negative ( which I am) and all the meat you eat is grass fed. And if you are coffee drinker you can still drink coffee and tea on this “ diet “ for the first 30 days. I thought I’d just throw this out there and share what I’m going to be trying out for New Years resolution and maybe some of you wonderful women might be interested😀