Can anyone help me?! So much pain


I'll try to keep it short. Last week at 34 weeks I went into preterm labor. They gave me pills and stopped the contractions. Fetal fibronectin test was positive too. Went in today after not feeling well and timing it til it got to 4 min apart. But the monitor showed very few contractions and I was sent home. Still feeling like death. This is baby number 4. The pain starts in my back and radiates to my lower abdomen and down my outter thighs. I have some of the pain constantly but the severe stuff comes in waves.

Labor even by though nst said no?

Stomach bug?

Fibroids causing the pain? Cuz I have them

No UTI as I was checked

Dilated 1 and 40-60% effaced cervix still thick

Tylenol did nothing. Idk how much longer I can handle the pain