Flu Shot


This is NOT a vaccination debate. I don’t want opinions or arguments about regular vaccinations. My family and I do get them and I’m pro-vax. However, we don’t do the flu shot. I got it one time. It was during my first pregnancy because my doctor made me feel like a bad mom if I didn’t. I immediately regretted it because I didn’t actually want it and caved to what I felt like fear mongering. I’m 12.5 weeks along with baby #2 and again my doctor (different doctor this time) is making me feel bad. She literally said I’m not doing my part to protect my unborn baby and family. I’m a stay at home mom. We don’t do daycare or group stuff much. We aren’t exposed as much as others. I do know we can still get it, but my gut instinct tells me not to get it. I just hear too many things that can go wrong with it. The doctor told me today that I’m wrong and people who spread that are lying. I’m just curious about others thoughts on this (especially if you do the other routine vaccinations- do you also get the flu shot?)