Looks like I’m packing my hospital bag a little early

Kris • Bethany Emilia LeRae Moreno💞 April 15, 2019🤰🏼

Anyone have anything they recommend to bring to the hospital that you felt like you needed??

Found out yesterday baby has water in her kidneys. Although it’s nothing to be panicked about it also means we have to do ultrasounds every 4 weeks now and make sure she doesn’t have any more water and her amniotic fluid is still good and filling up. She will also see a pediatrician as soon as she is born and they will watch to make sure she is going pee. As of right now amniotic fluid is good which means she is peeing but we have to make sure she continues to do so. If they ever see that the amniotic fluid is not like it’s supposed to be I will be sent to be induced.