Due today!


As I sit here at my very last dr appt I can’t help but think how bitter sweet it is. I found out on May 1st I was pregnant, only 11 days dpo! It was a huge shock. Not going into detail but we never wanted kids and don’t feel like getting into how this happened. At my ultrasound appt I found out I had a sch. Although I was still a little neutral about having a baby I was still really upset. I mean nobody wants to hear that kind of news, although they are very common and usually resolves on their own. Anyways, I went back the next week and it was gone. Thank God 🙌 okay now the initial shock is over but my bf, now husband, was still in shock. I always thought of myself as gaining like 50 or more pounds, having heartburn and being an emotional mess. It has been the opposite and I’m so thankful. I didn’t start showing until a few weeks ago and I hardly even look pregnant. I lost 40 pounds before getting pregnant and I’ve only gained about 15. People at work kept saying yeah you’re going to blow up and get huge at the end. Well this is for you ✌🏻🖕🏻. Anyways here some pictures from today. 40weeks! Ps my husband is Still in shock 😂

My leggings make my bump a lot bigger than it is.