I guess dogs don’t understand personal space

Stephanie • Mommy to MJOIV 08/31/19 3:43pm Fur mommy to 🐱 and 3 🐰. Preschool / Toddler teacher.

Tried to talk to him about him to stop being bad and I guess he thought it meant come lay on the couch with mommy and the baby, even when mommy told me this was her spot 🙄😂. I guess I gotta teach him what personal space is before the baby comes or else this baby is gonna get nonstop booty cuddles. Yes I call him booty that’s his nickname and also because he likes having his butt touched, he also likes when i pat his butt, he’s a little weirdo but his name is Brutus. Yes I did tell him this was my spot and he just wags his tail and looks at me like no I’m gonna lay here too ugh Pittie problems.

I wanna add that he’s been like this for a while and he won’t let me get up to get food, I even bribed him with getting a treat if he gets up and let’s me up, lord someone help me 😂😂😂 all I wanted to do was tell him not to run off again when I put him outside, and to stop taking food if he isn’t going to eat, like come on Brutus mommy is hungry. 😂😂😂

He finally moved so I can make something to eat but now he’s staring at me waiting for me to give him some knowing damn right well have can’t have tomato sauce or pizza since he’ll throw up.

Update: He left me alone about my food and I gave him a treat he also moved to his favorite spot in the whole house 😂😂 this spoiled brat, but you gotta love him, he’s now sleeping in this spot staying warm.