I know I'm terrible. I know.

Long story shot I fell in love way too fast and we got pregnant 2 months into the relationship. He has a 9 year old from a previous relationship. We got along great and would see him all he time. Until I got pregnant he didn't want me around him because he didn't want him to know. Well now things changed even more and he only gets him once a week. So I still don't see him but maybe once or MAYBE twice a month. Every time he's over he cries and stomps his feet until his dad does what he wants. It's bullshit. My boyfrriend tells me all of the time how he was such a great dad and did this and that and shows me pictures of his son and his brother who he raised from birth. Well he doesn't do that with my son. He doesn't come to his appointments even though he can because hesnot working. His sons Mom called and told him about a doctors appointment and he was there in a second. So I guess I resent that he has a kid with someone else. I HATE it. I want nothing to do with it. I know that makes me terrible. I know I shouldn't be with him. I just told him it's over. I can't handle him treating one kid better than the other. It's not fair to my baby. Makes me hate him. I'm sorry I just had to get it out. Judge all ya want.

Edit: I do NOT take my anger or frustration out on the child. Not going to lie it's hard to be all smiles and giggles when we have a family event at my family's house and he's throwing a fit and crying and pouting cause he doesn't want to be there. So what does he do? Doesn't say thank you for the gifts my dad got him (under armor, gift cards, candy) and throws stuff at the living room window.