Possible wrong gender


Ok so I normally wouldn't question this because I have had the DNA test and an ultrasound both saying girl however I keep having dreams that it's a boy and my 16 month old daughter has picked the word Bubba up somewhere she only says like 4 words and neither me nor my husband say Bubba I keep telling her no it's a sissy ur having a sissy but she says Bubba ik it's probably silly of me but I'm wondering if it's possible for it to be a boy we are tight on money and have been preparing for a girl so we have almost all girl stuff we would still love the baby if it were a boy obviously but here is the potty shot they took I think it's not very clear at all with my daughter I could make out the little lines her thighs and bum everything it was very clear just looking for some reassurance or even opinions nothing rude pls I have a 3d ultrasound the 29 but still lol