Amazing sex

Karen Ann • In love, happy, blessed, 25.
Just had amazing sex here are some tips I found useful to switch things up: 
... I was tired of the whole bed missionary sex so I decided to take charge 
Having the house to myself I slipped into something sexy turned on music
And have him a lap dance telling him he couldn't touch me for a good 15 mins then pulled down his pants and have him a blow job .. Then bent over in the living room and did doggy , next told him to follow me into the kitchen bent over the counter and doggy styled there then moved into the formal dining room put my legs on his shoulders and did it there.. Talking dirty moaning loud he came all over me! It was great I had him saying wow what just happened .. 
For the questions how to spice things up I needed to and it worked if you're comfortable with some of these things maybe give it a try. I just know avoiding the bed room was a must .. I think sometimes the problem is doing the same thing over and over just simply gets dull or to me at least 
Hoped this helped