Conceive easy kit, HELP!

Yvonne • expecting a baby boy 💙
so yesterday I purchased the TTC Kit from Conceive easy. It was "free" except for shipping. I read everything thing on the site and in a desperate mindstate I let myself believe it was all true . I got home and ended up googling "bad reviews of conceive easy" and all it is , are people saying it's a scam! I already suffer from anxiety , and this is really making it worse. I used my bank card and not a prepaid card , I also heard the pills they send could hurt you? When they get here regardless I'm going to send it back but keep the free gift (pregnancy tests) they sent with it & according to there site that should cancel the 39.95$ monthly subscription . But has anyone used this before ? Does anyone have a story , good or bad , that can help me at least get some peace of mind on what may happen because of this??