Am I wrong ?


My boyfriend and I on seven years broke up last January and reconnected in August. Although we never stated that we were in a relationship again we made it clear that feelings were mutual and that we were working towards being in a good place again. But the other night we kind of got into a disagreement. So , I have a very high sex drive and especially around the time im ovulating, like many other women , I want more sex. So the other night I told him that I was really horny and that I wanted sex. He told me to come to his house which I did @11pm. Mind you I never go , have sex, and drive back home. Whenever I drive down there late I STAY. So when I arrived he say my blanket that I always have with me and said “ you didn’t tell me you were staying” I asked if one of his friends was there and he said no so I asked what the problem was. He stated that he was playing the game and forgot it at his moms house. I told him he would be fine without it for the night but when we got inside his house. He proceeded to complain about how he didn’t get to finish his game and how he never gets to live his life. So at this point I’m completely confused. I told him to go get the game and he didn’t feel like it. So I LEFT. Was I wrong for leaving and feeling unwanted ? Should I have stayed ? What would you have done in this situation?

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