I need advise from some proud members


So I’m 14 and I have been attracted to 2 girls my parents know but I’m still hesitating going out with either one of these girls (both have asked me out ) I told them even before they asked me out I’m not ready to date a girl , I worried that if people found out I dated or like girls I may never get another BF , I know that if they don’t support me they are a bad guy any way but I can’t shake the thought, I also confided in one of these girls when I “came out”( I’m not sure what I am ) to her and she told a bunch of people and then she asked me out after I asked her not to , now I have a bunch of people pressuring me into saying yes , more people know then I would like , people I don’t even know are starting to come up to me , what so frustrating is that I’m being labeled as something I may not be because I’m curios, I almost feel ashamed of my self for having these thoughts that I’m bi or gay , and then I’m ashamed of myself because I except every one no matter what but I can’t except myself , I know there is a lot of info there but if you have any advice on any of those topics