Okay ladies, I NEED YOUR ADVICE. Pros and cons of having a baby now versus later. PLEASE HELP!!

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Can you please let me know the pros and cons of TTC now and TTC later? My partner and I are going to sit down tonight and have a serious chat and decide together what our next step will be. I have written down a few things to consider and would like to know if anyone else has anymore input.

I want to make it very clear that I will not be forcing my partner into having children. If he says ‘not yet’ then we will wait and I will have to freeze my eggs. I just want some advice.

Little bit of context for our situation.

My SO and I have been together for over two years (and were good friends beforehand). He is 31, I am 30. We live in Australia. We both have good jobs. He owns our house (well most of it, the bank owns the rest haha). He is currently training to become a pilot and will hopefully be finished within the next 12 months. After that we might be relocating depending on where he finds a job.

We are 100% committed to each other and plan on being together for the rest of our lives. We aren’t engaged yet (but will get married one day) and we planned on starting to TTC in June while we are on a month-long holiday in Canada and Alaska. I know he only agreed to TTC in June because he knows how much I want a kid but I think he would prefer to wait until he has finished his training and has been set up in a new job for a year or so first. He is such a wonderful man and he will be a fantastic dad.

Today I found out that I have low fertility. I’m absolutely heartbroken and want to start TTC next month, knowing that we might fall pregnant straight away, or that it could take months or even years to conceive. Both of us would like to have 4 kids.

My mum also went through early menopause (started in late 30’s and finished in early 40’s) so that is always a concern of mine.

Thank you for commenting.