Getting Fam CPR Certified

Lynzee • Mommy to Ammarie, born on March 3,2016!
So, I am CPR certified and I believe that it's a wonderful thing to know. 
I was talking with my husband and I said that I want him, his parents, and my parents to become CPR certified since these will be the people around my child more than anybody. 
I told him I would like to make a day out of it, spend the day with our families and then go and everyone get CPR certified (I would pay for ever ones classes). 
He told me that's too much of a hassle for everyone and everyone "knows the basics of CPR" 
So, I asked him how to perform CPR on a baby and he had no clue. So he pretty much just backed my point up. 
Am I wrong for wanting this? I feel like it's a good thing to know in general, but especially with a new baby coming!