After intercourse

Shalaundra • Would love to conceive baby #3. We have 2 boys a 12 and 10 year old boy. Would love for baby #3 to be a girl, but all in all we`d be blessed to conceive a healthy child.
Two days ago when my ovulation happy face was smiling which it was 2 days prior my hubby and me were finally insync with our schedules and had sex before work. I'm worried because I was only able to lay there for 5 mins. After that during the day I felt like a lot came out. Later that evening my evening ovulation test was a solid smily face. Today 2 days later is still the solid smiley face and we were finally able to get it in again, but I'm hoping it's not too late and that it finally takes and makes something happen. Any advise or does others think too much wasted out