Amy ā€¢ Justice Ann 10/04/19 šŸ’–

Has anyone ever felt discriminated by their own family?

My sister and I just had a conversation about this.

My Mother is hispanic and my Father is german.

I want to specifically address my hispanic family for this question.

My sister and I have light skin and colored eyes. My brother does as well. We have forever felt outcasted and frequently called the white girls since I can remember by my Mothers side of the family.

They make comments like "oh no they're white, they don't eat this, or do that, or are interested in this" etc.

They also make snotty comments about my black boyfriend.

This is ridiculous.

As an adult myself now, I try not to let it bother me but it gets frustrating when they won't stop. My cousin's engage in this type of behavior with my siblings as well.

Anyone else been in this situation?