strange story

Ashley • Hi!! My names Ashley Im 34 and have 3 daughters and im madly in love with my husband my whole fam has baby fever😀
To start off im ttc and im in my tww im about 7 dpo and ive been cramping all day and my boobs started feeling slightly sensitive lastnight well my 4 year old daughter is taking a bath and didnt kno she was watching but i was checking out my boobs to see if the nipples were darker and they r so sensitive i dont even like my shirt touching them but my daughter says are u boobies sore and i said ya a lil and she says why I said idk she says well i kno why ur boobies r sore because u got a lil baby in there and when u got a baby in there ur boobies get sore idk if she senses it or what but when i was pregnant with my 1st daughter 12 years ago my niece was about my daughter nows age and i remember i had no clue i was pregnant at all and i was taking a pic of my niece and she says to me do u got a baby in ur baby aunt ashley and i remember lookin up at my sister like wth is she talking about and a month later i found out i was pregnant i had so many signs then but i just thought it was odd that my daughter just said that lol...i said i hope so sis i hope so....So my fingers r crossed and i will pray that i get my bfp this month sorry for the long post lol just thought id share xoxo