Too soon to assume?

I am currently 3 days from projected af since getting off birth control. I've taken 4 EPT's to date, all being BFN. I'm sure it's too soon TTC to have gotten pregnant right off the bat, so I'm ok with these results. I've had weird symptoms the past 2 weeks that don't necessarily point to anything, I've just chalked it up to my 1st month off BC, but you can't help but hope in the back of your mind it might be pointing to pregnancy. 
I understand that I should really wait until my period starts or I actually miss it to test to know for sure yes or no, but I kinda just want to tell myself I'm not so I can stop being so anxious about it. 
Have you guys had a BFN that turned out to be false this close to projected date, or should I just assume this is really just a BFN? Or should I just suck it up and wait 😕