Breast milk/formula..

Angelica 👶 • Just A Young Mother ❤ To A Princess 👑 Who Holds The Key To My Heart | 20 Yrs Old
I plan on breastfeeding. I know not every baby does too well with being fed by breast for various reasons. But upon reading some comments about buying formula with food stamps having to do with being lazy & the such when you can do it for "free" by breast feeding kind of hit a nerve for me lol I'm not going to deny, I admit it felt a little ashamed for even admitting to that I would buy formula for my child because I know you can do that with food stamps & I know I would never do it out of laziness or convenience. If by any chance my breast milk alone does not settle well with my daughter or I do not supply enough, & I just freaking dry out, I'm going to take my behind to Walmart or wherever I need to go to buy her some formula because for one, my baby comes first and I want her fed and fed well, I could care less about me. (yes I'm on it, as well as WIC, I needed that extra help cause shit, times are rough for me at this moment & those are the only two help that I have) that's just me though.