Still no AF! Hope I'm pregnant!!

Milhu • 31yrs, DH 39... We have 2 girls, and working on our rainbow 🌈 baby.. Currently pregnant and praying this is it!!!
So far I'm two or three days late according to my <a href="">ovulation apps</a>.. I'm having the same symtoms as before , very tender boobs and sore nipples and there some what swollen. Having cravings and some mild cramping wich is on and off threw the day. Feeling more tiered than normal, man I prey to God this is it! I prey I get my BFP when I test this weeken if AF is still a no show! Fingers crossed! And preying like crazy!! Best of luck tou all you beautiful women TTC!! May The Lord Bless us all with our bundles of joy!! GL!!