Husband mad at savings and vacation

Okay. So me and my husband have joint bank accounts. We BOTH work so we thought this would be an easy way to keep track of spending, savings and pay bills etc without having to split everything.

Anyway. Each pay check we put a percentage towards our savings account. We’re planning a vacation in May have have been saving up for that (I’m usually the one in charge of money and he has full access to see everything).

Now. I’ve been putting money away for our vacation and still putting money towards savings (not as much but still some). My husband was livid when he found out (I wasn’t keeping it from him and he knows how I feel about putting money into savings EACH pay cheque and keep in mind he has full access to all our banking or he could’ve even asked me).

He thinks we should be putting ANY money towards this vacation, not even the small amount I’ve been putting into savings (I’ve been 40$ per cheque).

Is his way of thinking right? Should I have just been putting everything towards the trip and hold off on savings for a while? Or is it acceptable to still put towards savings and a trip? What do you guys do when planning a vacation?

EDIT. we aren’t hard up for cash by any means. We have the money to be putting it into both. I just feel like it’s stupid to put all savings money towards a trip when you don’t have to. 40$ seems measly but at least it’s something for our savings. I know it’s a stupid argument, but I just don’t know if what I was doing was wrong if if still putting a little cash towards our savings was reasonable thinking. Also we cant just transfer from our savings to another account. The way we set it up when we signed up for joint accounts was we intended it to be our funds for when we decide to buy a house. Since that was our intent of it, our bank advisor set up that if we choose to spend small amounts it would ding us. So technically we can transfer it, but there would be a cost since it’s such a small amount