I fell this icy morning 😭


This morning as I was taking my daughters to school I slipped on the first step of my porch and flew straight to the bottom step. Thats 5 steps down! I landed on my tailbone/butt cheek and omg I cried so hard bevause I couldnt get up.

I call my dr and she wanted me to get checked so I call my husband whos at work, he heads home and we head to the E.R. I was there for 2 hours and in so much pain I cant sit down or make any movement. Baby is fine so they release me just in time to make my 37 week appointment.(I am 37+5) I get called in and have my first cervical exam. It was excruciating to lay down and all that pain for her to say I am only 1 cm dialted if that and my cervix is still high and closed. 😭😭😭 I am feeling so discouraged, this is my 5th baby I would of thought id be atleast at a 2!