Am I? I dreamed....

I'm only 18. 
​My boyfriend and I are young and scared and new to relationships.. 
​Well we frequently have sex and one time a few weeks ago(jan 29) we had sex without a condom and he pulled out. 
​Shortly after I downloaded this app and realized the day we did that was my most fertile day (jan 29-30)
​my boobs are slightly larger and sore.  
​I can't stop sleeping and peeing and sleeping some more. I feel like I've been hit by a truck most mornings. 
​And my emotions. Every day the world is ending for me. I'm literally having an existential crisis every day. I'm unsure of anything.
​So do you think I'm pregnant? I took a few quizzes and it says I am likely to be. But my period isn't due for a couple more days  (so I won't take a test yet) and I know I'm freaking out but I'm scared and I can't go through with an abortion. Because I dreamt of a baby boy once when I had a scare a long time ago and I knew I would never do it because that dream was so real and beautiful and the little boy was perfect and I woke up crying. 
​So when should I test? After my normal period time (if I miss it. If it comes then guess I'm not prego) ?
​Im young I know but sometimes I want a little baby and please don't judge me on this fact because I also want a life of adventure and travel. So I'm conflicted. But sometimes I want something to love me unconditionally. 
​But seriously besides all my emotional issues and age and shit,