I need to rant/vent.


So I woke up this morning with no cramping no breast soreness no bloating. The last four days have been nothing but all of that. So I started to get nervous well I called my doctor to see if I could get in early to see what was going on (I’m only 4 weeks 3day) so he’s like sure come on in well I get there and he’s like okay well we aren’t going to do a sono we didn’t do a pregnancy test Bec you have taken them on your own I will send you for blood work. Okay well that’s all fine and great but he goes on to tell me that if he did a sono on every women that came in with a positive test I would be out to the road with a line. 75% of my patiences that come in are false negatives (me now really worrying) he says show me your tests so I showed him from day one to now and he’s like ahh well it started out as a really faint line..... um yeah Bec that was the very first one..... then he proceeds to tell me about how he would o oh be concerned if I went four days with no symptoms and then all of a sudden had them..... like that doesn’t concern you that I went four days with and now I don’t... like yeah it’s still early but I want to know what’s going on. So we make a 8.5 week sono appt. I leave to go get blood work and what does the tech tell me.... you got the wrong paper work for blood tests women don’t have progesterone..... another tech comes in and says mama are you a female i said yes always have been always will be and she goes women carry progesterone. Tech goes oh okay. And starts typing mean while I start rolling up my sleeve for blood work she looks at me and goes oh are you going to assume I’m using that arm I said you are going to use this arm the other one won’t work. She laughed and said well let’s give it a shot (I’m not going to argue with her) so she gets it all clean and tries to find the vein thinks she find it and sticks the needle in (SHOKER) nothing comes out so she wiggles the needle around. And asks how did you know this one was going to be difficult I said because I give blood 3 times a year for the last idk maybe 5-6 years and I have had multiple tests done. So she switches to the next arm. And two seconds blood is flowing. Lord have mercy this day has been trying. I just got home and took another test..... the test line is sooo dark the control line is hardly there.... why is the cramping gone?