Anxiety or postpartum?

I need some advice.. I have bad anxiety which makes me not like being around a lot of people, and when I am, I constantly think about what they are thinking about me or if i sound dumb. This has always been an issue for me, but it seems to keep getting worse. Also, I just had my 2nd baby in October, and in my last month of pregnancy, I had little patience and was very moody. I thought this would resolve after I had the baby, but it hasn't. On top of that, I cry often with frustration and indecisiveness over things that really arent that big of a deal. I get overwhelmed when I can't cater to everything my toddler and baby need immediately, and if I have someone help (for example take the baby for a while when shes fussy) I feel even worse like I'm failing and am a bad mom. Another example.. we just got a new dog and I'm afraid to tell my mom(im 24 and live on my own with husband and kids) because she hates dogs and thinks its gross and ridiculous for me to have dogs in the house around my babies.. even though I'm a super neat freak and clean my house daily. This makes me feel like im a bad parent.. I just feel defeated. Is this postpartum depression, anxiety, or just hormones? I'm lost.