Unfamiliar ground


I had my anatomy scan last week and our little girl is measuring beautifully. But we found out that there’s posterior placental previa. It’s completely covering the opening but there’s still some of my cervix that’s not covered. I have a history of bleeding with this pregnancy (my third) and this is the cause. I have no experience with this at all and I’m worried. It looks to be about 80% chance of a scheduled csection The doctor said here’s still a possibility that as my uterus grows, it can pull the placenta up and away from my cervix. But it needs to be at least 3 cm away from the opening by the time I’m 32 weeks or I’m a guaranteed csection. Another thing I’m not familiar with as my other 2 girls were delivered naturally. We’ve been told no sex for me and I’m to remain on light duty at work, taking it easy. I know my husband is fine with the no sex, but it honestly is bothering me because I do have a high sex drive. I know my baby’s health is #1 and I’m not whining. Im just wondering what are some idea we can do to kinda keep some intimacy and spice while also staying safe? Also, any experiences and stories or tips for ANYTHING to do with previa would be a big help because like I said, this is very unfamiliar for me and I’m very worried as to what to expect or should think about.