7dpo implantation?

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So last night I went to lay in bed around 9:45 because I was so tired. I usually don’t go to bed until midnight or 1am, but I felt like I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer. I laid in bed watching tv, thinking it would help me fall asleep, but around 11pm I started to feel wise awake. My stomach was growling so I got out of bed to get a snack. I started having really bad hot flashes that would last for like 10 minutes, go away for like 10 minutes and then come right back. It got so bad at one point I started to feel jittery and felt dizzy. My back had been killing me all day long and I had felt a lot of pressure in my stomach as well. I have a lot of pain in the sides of my stomach near my kidneys, so I have been worried maybe I have a kidney infection or something. Well at 1am I finally felt tired enough to fall asleep and the hot flashes had subsided. When I laid in bed my back had stopped hurting and my stomach wasn’t hurting too bad either. This morning I wake up and my temperature dipped like .40 degrees and I’m crampy and my back is killing me again. Has anyone else experienced any of these symptoms and believed it was implantation? Yesterday was also the first day I had a lot of indigestion and I was burping a lot. Today I am 8dpo... anyone relate?