Changing doctors, need advice.

Hannah • Married to a wonderful, hard-working man, with a rainbow “ours” baby boy 07/11/19 🥰 and two beautiful step daughters. 💜

So, my hubby got a great job 9 hours from home making 120,000 salary. We decided that its be best for us if we bought a home here by his job. Done. But I'm also 15 weeks pregnant. We had to make this move quick and was a very unexpected surprise so I had to cancel my appointment that was scheduled for 12 weeks. I was supposed to get blood work to find out the gender and an ultrasound to check on the baby. We've moved and the doctor that I've found here doesn't want to do an ultrasound till I'm 20 weeks! Last one I had was at 8 weeks and I'm really worried because I haven't seen my little lemon in awhile. I have my first appointment with him on Monday but all he's doing is health history. They already told me nothing else would happen and when I tried to explain they told me I'd have to talk to the doctor on Monday. Should I go? Or switch doctors now??

This is a paper I got from my old doctor that makes me wonder if this is just something she does..