Oh my cervix!!

Mykala • Fitness fanatic, health coach, figure competitor.
Afternoon ladies, I have been trying to get pregnant for some time and I followed my ovulation tests and took each and every chance for conceiving a child. It's the day before my period and here lately my breasts have been sore to the point where I say "ow." My mood has been off and on lately and I have just been fatigued all the time. I know checking you cervix isn't the most consistent and recommended way, but my question is, is there any possible evidence concerning your cervical position being a sign of pregnancy. Normally before my period is due my cervix is low, but all the way up to today it's been high and soft. I know it's silly to ask such a question when my period is due tomorrow, but I was really interested in the possible feed back I could receive. Thank you for the help.