First Time EBF Questions


Hey ladies. My little girl is 4 days old today and so far I have been able to only breastfeed and with my milk. Since getting home yesterday I've ran across a few concerns, and I'm hoping y'all can help me.

• how long did your baby spend on each breast?

• did your baby make a sour face when getting a taste of your milk at all? My little girl will latch, suck, then make a disgusted look and unlatch.

• did your baby spit up your milk? It seems like every other time I feed her she is spitting up..

• was your babies poop ever runny around day 4? I keep reading it is supposed to be tarry looking, which the color fits that, but it wasn't sticky or solid..

Thanks ladies in advance. Hopefully I don't sound too silly with all these questions... with my son I had to start supplementing with formula in the hospital and this time around I am determined to use only breast milk.