Implantation Bleeding THEN Period


Putting this out there to see if anybody has gone through this...

So I was 2 days late and we took a test on day 3 (Monday). Test was positive.

We took another test on day 4 and 5 and both were also positive.

Day 6 I started seeing brown blood only when wiping the entire day. To add, I got sick starting on day 3 - congestion. My boobs were also super sore and tender the entire week.

The brown blood, I was convinced it was implantation bleeding because I never have that before my period. I’m also on time with AF maybe minus one day, tops.

Day 7 I started cramping from the front, which is also uncommon; I usually cramp from the back. I thought maybe it was just another pregnancy symptom I’m not used to but I went to the bathroom and saw that my period had started. This was completely different from the brown blood cause it never stained my undies. I only saw it when I wiped after peeing. And (TMI) the toilet water was all red. So it made sense I was cramping cause period started but then after finding out I started my period the cramps stayed at the front.

So my confusion stems from the 3 positive tests, then what I believe was implantation bleeding, then AF.

I also took a blood test the morning of Day 7 (Friday) so I won’t get the results until next week.

Has this happened to anybody and they were still pregnant?

Thank you for any help/advice/positive notes!