After 3 Days Of Labor Induction, Baby Delivered By Cesarean 1/27/19.


I went to the Hospital on 01/24 with concerns of high blood pressure. I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension and admitted into the hospital for 24 hours of observation. The next morning, because I was 39+1, it was decided to induce my labor. After a dose of cervidil and 10 hours of Pitocin, that was causing too many contractions, my cervix was still firm, 1cm and 60% effaced and they stopped Pitocin. I was given another dose of cervidil, after 12 hours, my cervix was soft, 1cm & 90% effaced; I was then started again on Pitocin. On 1/26 at 7am my water broke. I was checked 3 hours later and had progressed to 3cm. At 4pm I was checked and 4cm; at this time I told that if I hadn’t progressed to 6cm by 6/7pm I would need a c section for failure to progress. My OB was in the Operating Room with 2 other cesareans so I wasn’t checked again until 9pm. When I was checked, I still hadn’t progressed so I was told I would need a cesarean. On 1/27 at 12:04am I welcomed my blessing, my son Joseph 💙