This is driving me crazy!!!


I have been trying to get pregnant for 2 yrs now. I had a super painful miscarriage last year right before my first <a href="">IVF</a> cycle I was going to do. I was rolling down on the floor because of the pain and was rushed to ER. I got D&C at 8 weeks.

After trying naturally for 6 months, I finally gave up and started <a href="">IVF</a> process again (doing genetic testing, blood test, etc.). 2 days ago. I was changing and noticed HUGE areola! I was like what???!!!! I have never seen my nipple looking so weird. Not only the increase on diameter, it was little bit outie. My husband came home and saw it and he was shocked too. He got me pregnancy testers from Walgreen and it was super negative (1.30th. CD30. 10dpo ish). My period is due on Feb 3rd. My normal cycle used to be 30 but after D&C, it became 34.

I tested again next morning because I have been lately feeling super tired and seem to be out of breath. I was working out last Tuesday and I couldn't believe how tired I was at 30 min mark. I felt like I was going to passout which it never happens.

Anyways.. it was super faint positive (see pic). And I tested again next And today, I just tested it again on Feb 1 and it was also faint positive. But I thought its maybe I went to go pee 2hrs before. So tested again in the afternoon with First Response, it was faint positive again!

And today, I just tested at around 5pm. It was negative and I am so sad and devastated.

I still pee a lot than normal and my areola is still huge.

Could this be chemical miscarriage? Or did anyone still got normal pregnancy after? I feel so hopeless. ;(