Being alone for life.

So i guess my ex doesnt want me anymore. He broke up with me just to get freedom and hangout with friends ... of 4 yrs. i dont know what to do with my life other than cry and wanna die. I want a family, and my friend insisted on getting a sperm doner since i wanted a family forever. My ex tries to contact me again and wants to hangout , last time we hung out was January 1 last month and he wanted sex. I feel like he contacts me and tries to get with me for sex and then leaves me when he sees me doing good he contacts me and i feel down .. i feel like a sex toy to these men i dated . Im tired of getting my heart broken and going through depression after depression... i just rather be singlle forever and like my friend said to have babies from a sperm doner.. i just thought i come on here and see if other girls out their are going through the same thing