Needing some encouragement


Hi all, I am in desperate need of encouragement and advice on how to juggle it all.

A little back story:my husband and i have been together 10 years. it took us two years and going through one miscarriage to finally conceive our beautiful baby girl. She is 6 months old now!! During that time i decided to go back to school and get my teaching degree. Which has always been my dream! Im in my last year of school which means my schedule is pretty crazy. I work full time, go to school full time plus i am trying to complete 80 observation hours in the next 6 weeks (bc my advisor screwed up my schedule and now i have less time than i thought i did). I feel guilty putting my school before spending time with my daughter, even though i know it is going to better our lives. My husband is working 2 jobs bc we are struggling financially right now therefore my daughter and i hardly see him. Our families are not very supportive of us either. My in laws have made it very clear that my daughter is not as important as their other grandchildren. I knew our daughter would get less attention from them however, i didnt realize how much it would break my heart for her. You see we are the ones they normally rely on and now that our focus is on our daughter and my school and we are around a little less its like we are being punished.

Im just feeling very anxious, over whelmed, and scared that im going to fail. My husband is working so hard and i dont want to fail him or our daughter. Its hard to go through all of what we are dealing with, without having very much outside support.

I have been trying to keep organized and keep to a schedule, but its still hard. Life is just hard right now.