diagnosed with endometriosis


yup, you read it correctly. i found out last week at the doctors and i’ve been taking it hard every since. they’re also saying its going to leave me infertile by the time i’m 22. but i was just wondering if there’s any ladies on here who have it and have special ways to deal with these cramps? i’ve been dealing with the cramps for as long as i can remember but i just figured that’s just how my periods are for no reason.

ibuprofen, aspirin, Tylenol, Advil, etc all do nothing for me!! i’ve tried heating pads but there’s been a few times i burnt myself from keeping it on high for too long. so, do you ladies have anyway you help these?!


i’m going back to the doctors, they want to put me on a birth control that stops my period and such. but that’s still another week of horrible pain! Thank y’all!